Our Why

She Sez is the brain-child of Sarah Pritchard after her daughter, Charlie, was born in November 2015.

The inspiration for this business came to Sarah when she stumbled upon an article where the author encouraged mamas to write an empowering note and stick it onto their bathroom mirror.

Being a graphic designer by trade, with over 12 years experience, she thought she could go one better and whip something up on her laptop that would look more appealing than a hand written note or lipstick message on her (clean) bathroom mirror.

Sarah is a big fan of clean typography designs, so she sat down the following day and started to play around with different typefaces. While she was doing that she began thinking of all the other mothers that must have read the same article that she had and how they might like a neatly designed note to stick on their mirror too.

Boom! Sarah was inspired to create something that she wished existed.

Sarah realised that she wanted to develop a unique product that allowed her to reach out, encourage and empower other mums and remind them that they can do all the hard things that come with motherhood.

She wanted to be able to say -- 'You can do this mama' -- to every over-tired, over-stressed, self-doubting new mother.

And just like that, the very first quote was conceived!
In Sarah's spare time - around being a mama to her baby girl, a wife to her sensational husband, working part-time and fitting in some valuable "me time" (at the gym or reading a book) - she started researching quotes, layouts, sizes and designs.

In the back of her mind Sarah knew that stickers were not going to be ideal because we can grow out of our situations and our focus can change. So a permanent sticker was not part of the vision she had for the She Sez collection of decals.

Sarah for one, didn't want to have to go through the process of removing sticker residue.

Once that was decided, Sarah began sourcing local suppliers and testing samples until she chose what is now the perfect removable stock and finish for the She Sez collection of decals.

She Sez is more than just a play on her name. The quotes that Sarah has included in the collection are exactly the encouraging words 'she says' to herself to stay balanced, positive and motivated. And if she says them, she feels confident that you would too.

Her collection is not just for mothers. There is something there for every one. Women and men can find a quote in the collection that just speaks to them. We are all going through life hoping for something, determined to get somewhere or be someone - and there is a quote that can keep you motivated, inspired and optimistic.

Sarah has big plans for She Sez and aims to not only increase her collection of decals but introduce more collections over time. (Hint: a new project is already in the works!).

So stay tuned.

She Sez, this is just the beginning.

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